• Scalerator

    Social Innovation Academy

  • March 2019-April 2020: One-year programme for social enterprises in Germany that are on the verge of scaling (coaching & expertise worth €50,000).

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  • What is Scalerator?

    The one-year Scalerator program was specially developed for social enterprises currently on the threshold of scaling. With highly tailored coaching and technical expertise worth €50,000, we want to help social startups scale sustainably. The support primarily refers to:

    •  resolve operational challenges
    • strengthen management and leadership competencies
    • enhance data collection, analysis and application
    • refine its business model for long-term financial viability

  • Who can apply for Scalerator?

    • Social startups that are operating in one or more of the following federal states: Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt or Thuringia and
    • innovative social startups with proven impact that are ready to grow and on the cusp of scaling, and
    • teams that are open to advice, have a growth plan and can define their specific coaching and expertise needs
  • Program:

    • March 25-April 22: application
    • April 26: announcement of semi-finalists
    • April 27-May 10: interviews with semi-finalists
    • May 10: announcement of finalists
    • June 6: Workshop on scaling strategies with finalists
    • June 6 in the evening: public event "Scaling impact - Pitching and co-creation night"
    • June to April: Scalerator phase

Scalerator is a collaboration between Social Impact and Roots of Impact in partnership with Impact Collective.


  • Social Innovation Academy

    The Social Innovation Academy is a transnational online course for the development and realization of social innovations. Access to our Social Innovation Academy is free and open to all, including citizens, social entrepreneurs, funders, and public officials.

    Registration and participation in the Social Innovation Academy has been possible since September 2018 and provides continuing education on:

    • Active Citizenship
    • Social Business
    • Technology for Social Innovation
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Impact Assessment
    • Impact Investing
    • Social Innovation Policies

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Previous program Milestones

Local Workshops

The online course was accompanied by local workshops, in which topics from the seven modules were elaborated on by experts. These free courses offered participants the opportunity to network with each other, to share knowledge and perspectives, and to develop a common understanding of social innovation.

  • Module 1 - Active Citizenship
  • Module 2 - Social Business: from idea to business model
  • Module 3 - Design thinking for social innovation
  • Module 4 - Stakeholder engagement for social entrepreneurs
  • Module 5 - How do you measure social impact? Tools & strategies
  • Module 6 - Impact finance: funding for social enterprises
  • Module 7 - Social innovation policy

Festival: Social Innovation against Populism

To launch the Social Innovation Academy, a free, interactive festival on social innovation was held at Refugio in Berlin on 8 September 2018. The program included challenges to spur innovative ideas, an exciting keynote, a documentary film and plenty of room for networking alongside music and food. There was also the opportunity to meet experts from the online courses of the Social Innovation Academy.  


Social Impact, the social innovation agency, implements with Social(i)Makers a Interreg project of the EU aimed at supporting capacity building for social innovation in central Europe and to help people develop social innovations in their region, benefitting their local communities and beyond. Social innovations in the form of products, services and models can be developed and implemented by various actors, including by committed citizens, social entrepreneurs, and public and private institutions.

Social Impact is one of 13 organisations from seven countries in central Europe that are jointly launching the development of a transnational community of socially innovative actors. 

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Under Social Impact International we combine all international Programs of Social Impact for Social Entrepreneurs and their Sponsors, who are carried out in Cooperation with numerous Project Partners.