Social Impact Labs

Coworking-Space, Coaching, Eventspace, Networking.

In our labs, we offer support programs for entrepreneurs. The Social Impact labs provide opportunities for consultancy, coaching, coworking, networking and events.

  • Social Impact Lab Bremen offers: ChancenBilden for Social Startups working on equal opportunities for kids and youth. Made possible by Fritz Hollweg Stiftung, hanseWasser Bremen, team neusta and Deutsche Kindergeldstiftung Bremen.

  • In the Social Impact Lab Beelitz-Heilstätten we're working towards social innovation with various programs and projects like strengthening social innovation in rural and sparsely populated areas.

  • Inclusive, fully accessible coworking, coaching and consulting for social startups in Bonn. Made possible by Aktion Mensch, DEVK Asset Management and Deutsche Post AG.

  • Social Impact Lab Munich offers: The Human Safety Net for Refugees and StartHope@Home

  • Until 2018 coworking, coaching & consultancy for Social Startups. Made possible by Beisheim Stiftung, Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH & KfW Stiftung. Since 2019 we support Social Startups in Bonn.

  • Coworking, coaching & consultancy for Social Entrepreneurs in Stuttgart. Made possible by Vector Stiftung, Caritas Stuttgart and Karl Schlecht Stiftung.

  • Workplaces, coaching and consultancy for social start-ups and others. Made possible by the Drosos Foundation.

  • Until March 2019 workplaces, coaching and consultancy for social entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Made possible by SAP. Looking for a new space at the moment.

  • Coworking, coaching, consultancy on 160 sqm of space for social entrepreneurs based in the Hamburg area. Made possible by HIT Stiftung, Hans-Weisser-Stiftung and Barclaycard.

  • Coaching and consultancy for young unemployed people and people with an immigrant background. Made possible by the state of Brandenburg and the ESF.

  • Workplaces, coaching and consultancy for social entrepreneurs and others. Made possible by the KfW Foundation and the JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

Start-up Support Programs

Promotion, coaching, consultancy and mentoring for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our focus is to support social start-ups that use their ideas to solve social challenges in an entrepreneurial way. Social Startups are given grants that fund up to eight months of professional consultancy, coaching, workshops and co-working workplaces. Social Impact also offers start-up programs for special target groups.

  • The Global Goals Lab unites people and ideas who work for sustainable development and towards the reaching of the SDGs. Global Goals Lab is a joint initiative with Deutsche Bank.

  • Target group: Social Startups. The programme is offered at Social Impact Lab Stuttgart. Wirkungsschaffer is enabled by Vector Stiftung, Karl Schlecht Stiftung and Caritas Stuttgart.

  • Target group: Social Startups. The programme is offered in the Social Impact Lab Bonn. Made possible by Aktion Mensch, DEVK Asset Management und Deutsche Post.

  • Project closet. Target group: Young project pioneers who would like to improve the world with digital technology. We offered the program in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, and Duisburg and at the Impact Hub Munich (a partner organization). Made possible by the Telefonica Foundation.

  • Target group: Social start-ups. We offer the program at the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt. AndersGründer is made possible by the KfW foundation.

  • The Human Safety Net For Refugee Startups offers refugees coworking, training, coaching & contacts on their way to self-employment. THSN is part of the international initiative The Human Safety Net (Generali Group) and is offered in Munich.

  • Zielgruppe: Beratung und Qualifizierung von Selbständigen mit Migrationshintergrund mit Firmensitz im Land Brandenburg. Qualifizierung von Migrantenunternehmen bieten wir im Social Impact Lab Potsdam an. Gefördert durch BMAS.

  • StartHope@Home supports refugees from Afghanistan, Albania, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Iraq, Kosovo, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Serbia and Tunisia to establish a business in their country of origin. Participants will receive individual coachings accompanied by a social worker, in order to strengthen their enterpreneurial skills and to develop future paths. StartHope@Home is supported by giz in the programme Perspektive Heimat (BMZ).

  • Projekt abgeschlossen. Zielgruppe: Selbstständige und Kleinunternehmer*innen, die ihre Unternehmung weiterentwickeln möchten. Das Programm haben wir in Leipzig angeboten, es wurde gefördert von der Stadt Leipzig, Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung.

  • Target group: Start-up consultancy for young people up to the age of 30 who are unemployed or threatened by unemployment. We offer ‘Enterprise’ at the Social Impact lab in Potsdam. Sponsored by MASGF, MWE (ESF, the state of Brandenburg).

  • Target group: People that are interested in start-ups, have an immigrant background and live in the state of Brandenburg. We offer ‘Lotsendienst’ to migrants at the Social Impact lab in Potsdam. Sponsored by MASGF (ESF, the state of Brandenburg).

Additional services

  • Together with Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Bank Stiftung we developed our innovative education project Baut Eure Zukunft.

  • Social Impact and welfare members team up to push the development of social innovation and social intrapreneurship in cheritable institutions through supporting innovation culture.

  • Social Impact supports social entrepreneurship worldwide. We qualify social entrepreneurs internationally with various support programs.

  • Crowd-funding and financing. Support for social start-ups by developing forms of financing using, for example, our own crowd-funding platform.