National Reports for the 1st Intellectual Output

Mittwoch, 29. April 2020

The Tour2Include Partners carried out research focusing on the special training needs of migrants and the soft/intercultural skills that are in need in tourism sector as well as identifying the gap between market needs and training schemes currently provided.

The Tour2Include Partners in Germany, Greece and Italy carried out research aiming to identify and summarise:

  • The partner countries‘ current actual state in migrant’s knowledge, skills and competence working in the gastronomy and tourism sector to identify the gap to the sector’s expectations.
  • The existing migrants-oriented training materials and programme (curricula) in the matter of qualifying low-skilled migrants in the tourism and gastronomy sector.

Following the national reports, BK Consult, the leading organisation of the I.O.1, prepared the transnational report which summarizes the findings of the national reports.

This way, the reports contribute to lay the basics to design a common methodological approach focusing on typical and intercultural skills required from people with migrant background.

Based on the findings of the national reports, the Partners will develop a joint methodological approach regarding the typical and intercultural skills that are mostly needed in the identified tourism related professions which will be used as a primary tool during the design of the training materials.

All national reports in English are available below:




The Transnational Report can be downloaded here.